Web On-line statements or On-line bill pay will be back on line 04/24/2017

Our online statements and online bill pay will be available again after April 24th, 2017. The vendor will mail out statements at that time that will include instructions and a private code so that patients that use online statements and bill pay options can create a new account to access the system.

Online Bill pay and Statements Temporarily unavailable

The online bill pay and statements functionality is currently unavailable as we are in the process of changing vendors. This functionality should be restored
by 04/10/2017. The new system will provide ease of use and functionality enhancements. thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Human Resources opening at Kearney Clinic

Kearney Clinic has the following position open:
Human Resources specialist
Full time M-F with Saturday morning rotation
Past experience as an HR specialist/manager preferred.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to: HR law and compliance, employee benefits, new hires, personnel records, conflict resolution, work comp and accident reports. Will include some routine office duties as well.

Application may be downloaded from our website. Mail or deliver completed application and resume attention: Peggy Dobish, Administrator, Kearney Clinic,PC, 211 West 33rd Street, Kearney, NE 68845


The main phase of construction will begin on 3/22/2017. All traffic entering the clinic MUST enter from the NORTH as traffic will be SOUTHBOUND ONLY through the clinic parking lot. Valley Pharmacy will have the west drive off of 33rd Street for in-bound traffic, the east drive will be for SOUTHBOUND/OUTBOUND TRAFFIC. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this exciting main phase of our remodel project.

Sports Physicals

We will be scheduling SPORTS PHYSICALS starting May 1st, 2017. Schedule early to get the times you want and that is most convenient for your athlete. Our appointment line is 308-698-1576

Kindergarten and 7th Grade physicals

The time is now to schedule Kindergarten and 7th Grade physicals for the next school year. Avoid the scheduling crunch and get the times convenient for you by scheduling now. Call our scheduling line at 308-698-1576

Mileah Panter, DNP joins the Kearney Clinic staff

PanterMileah Panter joins the Kearney Clinic to provide comprehensive diabetes services to our patients. Mileah Panter, DNP has completed her doctorate in Nurse Practitioner and has extensive experience and training in the field of diabetic care and management.

Comprehensive Diabetic Services

Kearney Clinic is excited to announce the addition of comprehensive diabetes services. Our team of qualified professionals, Mileah Panter DNP, Jessica Rich RN and Sarah Huddleston CMA, along with your physician, will provide focused management of complicated diabetes, Type 1, Type 2, gestational, per-diabetes, insulin pump management and continuous glucose monitoring. Call our appointment desk to schedule an appointment.


BEST OF medal

We at the Kearney Clinic are so proud to be selected as the Best of Kearney for 2017. We are honored to have received this award since the inception of the program. We appreciate the trust our patients place in our hands. We pledge to continue to provide excellent healthcare for our patients. 2017 will reveal a “new look” at the Kearney Clinic as we begin to remodel the facility. Thanks again to all of you who voted us Best of Kearney 2017

Paula Ramirez joins the Kearney Clinic medical team

PaulaRamierezPaula Ramirez received her Bachelor’s Nursing degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center at Kearney in 2007. Paula is certified as a Progressive Care Nurse from ANCC. She received her Master’s in Nursing degree from Chamberlain College of Nursing in 2016, and is certified by the American Association of Nurse Practioners (AANP) as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Paula is originally from the Curtis, Nebraska area and she and her children have lived in Kearney since 2003.

Hallie Yantzie joins the Kearney Clinic medical team

HallieYantzieHallie Yantzie received her Bachelor’s of Nursing degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center at Kearney in 2010. Hallie is a Medical-Surgical Certified nurse by the ANCC since 2013. She received her Master’s in Nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing in 2016 and is certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Hallie is originally from Sargent, Nebraska. She and her husband Marty have two daughters Emerson and Madelyn.

Cover Your Cough

Cases of influenza and other viral maladies are being reported. Still the best defense is to wash your hands regularly when handling items that may have been touched by others. Use hand gels or anti-bacterial wipes. If you are ill COVER YOUR COUGH with a face mask or sneeze or cough into a hanky or a tissue. If the sneeze or cough comes on faster than you can respond, cough or sneeze to the inside of your elbow. If you are ill and running a temperature stay home, isolate your contact with others, and see your primary care provider as needed.

Dr. Caha joins our pediatric department


Dr. Caha joins the Kearney Clinic in the Pediatric Department. Dr. Caha is now accepting new patients and appointments. Help us welcome Dr. Caha to the Kearney Clinic.

NOTICE: We want you to be healthy !

You may be receiving correspondence reminding you of recommended healthcare services.

This is our way of making sure you are up-to-date with your preventative healthcare.

We want to keep you as healthy as possible!

Your Kearney Clinic Health Care Team

Dr. Megan Saathoff joins the Kearney Clinic,PC

msaathoffDr. Saathoff will join Kearney Clinic on July 18, 2016. She received her medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and completed her residency in Pediatrics at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Saathoff grew up in the Amherst area. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Saathoff contact the Kearney Clinic appointments at 308-698-1576

Advance Authorization for Treatment of a Minor

It may be more convenient to have prior authorization for medical care delivered directly to minors without a parent having to be present prior to treatment. Please download and complete the form for advanced authorization and have it on file with the Kearney Clinic. Your minor child may bring the form with them on their first visit. The Kearney Clinic staff may call the parent to validate signature and information on the form.
Download the Advance Authorization for Treatment of Minor form here. advance-auth-for-minor

June 24, 2016

On Friday, June 24, 2016, Kearney Clinic will be closing at 5:00 pm just for the evening. Kearney Clinic Extended Hours and Quick Care will also be closed that evening. We will be open for our regular business hours on Saturday, June 25,2016.

3D Mammography now available at the Kearney Clinic, PC

We are proud to announce that we have 3D Mammography now available at the Kearney Clinic. It is the latest technology to increase the resolution of the image and aid in the early detection of breast cancers. From WedMD “Researchers found that 3D mammography, used along with standard digital mammograms, bumped up breast cancer detection rates by more than 40 percent”

Make your appointment now. 308-698-1576

Two new providers at Kearney Clinic

jennifermurray100x123Ellen Norton 2x

The Kearney Clinic is proud to announce the addition of Jennifer Murray, APRN and Ellen Norton, PA to our medical staff. Jennifer Murray will work with the providers in the main clinic and work Quick Care. Ellen Norton will primarily work in Quick Care.

Self Check-in is Here

kiosk2 Patients can now check-in for their Kearney Clinic visit very quickly using the self Check-in Kiosks. Walk-in patients who don’t have an appointment or a same day appointment will have to check in the traditional way by going to the check in desks.

The first time you self checkin takes about 4 minutes to answer all of the questions. After that check-in time is roughly 30 seconds. You must have a valid government ID (Drivers License) and a current Insurance Card to complete the check-in process. We will have trained staff available to help you with the process if needed. You will need to make your co-pay at the kiosk if your insurance provider requires one.


Best of Kearney 2016We would like to thank all of our patients for voting us Best of Kearney for 2016. We are proud that we have been voted Best of Kearney since the start of the program. Thanks again and we will continue to work hard on maintaining your trust in us to provide “excellence in healthcare”.   Thanks Kearney and the Kearney community.
The Doctors and Staff of Kearney Clinic, PC

Scammer calls saying they are from the Kearney Clinic

We have gotten patient concerns that they are receiving calls from “Kearney Clinic” requesting private and credit card information. This is called a “Phishing” scam and is not from the Kearney Clinic. Never give out any of your private information over the telephone to an unknown person, no matter how convincing they may be. If you get a call and they say they are calling from the Kearney Clinic, get the employees name, and call the Kearney Clinic at our main number, not a number the caller gives you, and ask for the employee. Scammers usually will simply hang up if you ask for their name. Any valid Kearney Clinic employee will not be resistant to you calling the clinic directly and asking to be transferred to them. CALL 308-865-2141 the Kearney Clinic main number.

New online statements and bill pay

Please note we have changed our online bill pay and added online statements. This functionality is no longer available via our Patient Portal. You will need to REGISTER for this new functionality the first time. To register click on the online bill pay Quick link or the VIEW OR PAY YOUR BILL button. Please read the instructions before registering, you can use whatever you want for logon and password you desire, however, to create the account you must enter your name exactly as on your paper statement and you will need your account number. This process only needs to be completed once for your new registration. If you need assistance, call us at 308-865-2141 and select option 5 for Portal Help.

Important Notices and Professional Opportunities

You will find new links on the right side of this page where we will post all important NOTICES to the Patients also a link below that will have all current Professional Opportunities that are available at the Kearney Clinic

Sports Physicals

A reminder that the county wide sports physicals are no longer available to groups of students, each student athlete is responsible for contacting their personal physician
to get a physical completed and medical clearance for sports participation.