Important Information from Kearney Clinic, P. C.

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Dear Patient,

Bring your Insurance card to your visit.

Beginning October 1, 2015, you MUST present insurance cards for yourself and all family members to our Front Desk staff at every visit to our clinic. If you do not have your current insurance card with you, you will need to pay for your visit that day.

Now more than ever it will be extremely important to provide current insurance information. We want to ensure that your charges for services are submitted to the correct insurance in a timely manner.

Kearney Clinic submits to your insurance as a courtesy to you. You are responsible for providing the correct information to our staff and are responsible for payment of charges not paid by insurance. Your insurance information is also necessary for our nurses to pre-certify testing for you as many tests now require pre-authorization before they can even be scheduled.

On October 1, 2015 the health care industry will go through another major mandated change. All providers in the United States will be required to code medical services using the ICD10 diagnosis codes. The number of codes more than triples. Claim denials and rejections are expected as insurance companies work to process the new codes. This may significantly delay payment for your care. You can help ensure the process goes smoother by providing us your most up-to-date information.

Thank you for helping us provide you the most efficient healthcare. We want your experience at Kearney Clinic to be a pleasant one as we to work together as a team.

Thank you for choosing the Kearney Clinic.

Kearney Clinic Physicians and staff


Dear Patient,

Over the last 3 years Kearney Clinic has seen many changes.

All medical facilities were mandated to convert to electronic systems and processes to meet new requirements set by the Center of Medicare and Medcaid (CMS) as well as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The conversion has been challenging for all medical facilities across the country as well as their patients.

The Kearney Clinic physicians and staff appreciate your patience as we have worked at meeting these challenging requirements.

A new transition is directly ahead of us…

On October 1, 2015 medical facilities across the United States will be required
to convert to the ICD-10 coding method. This is a method of coding your medical care visits with more specific detail in order for insurance to process your claims.

This change in coding will greatly affect ALL medical facilities/hospitals in the way they code and submit claims. The ICD-10 code set increases the amount of codes (from 13,000 codes to 70,000 codes) that the doctor selects from to code your visits for insurance.

How will this affect you?
You may see a slower than usual billing process as the claims may be slowed down at your insurance. There may be denials/rejections that we will need to work through that will slow down our billing.

Kearney Clinic has been preparing for this transition for the past year. We feel we are ready to go, however, we are at the mercy of the insurance companies as they must also be prepared for this transition.

We are hoping for a smooth transition that will not affect you as the patient at all or minimally. We will work through this together. We ask your patience as we go through this mandated transition.