About Kearney Clinic


A Tradition of Excellence In Health Care

The Kearney Clinic is independently owned by the Kearney Clinic Physicians.

Kearney Clinic is participating in several projects to enhance our ability to provide the best patient care possible.  Some of these include being part of a Patient Centered Medical home, to engage the patient, nursing staff and the provider to form a “team” approach to the patients’ health care. A  Blue Cross Blue Shield project that helps the physician and insurance companies provide the best care possible at the lowest cost.  The Kearney Clinic is also participating with Walgreens and the University of Nebraska Medical Center to improve care between the patient, provider, and pharmacist with focus on diabetes, high blood pressure and medication education and use.

We recently received an award for completing the TransforMED program which is focused on providing the best care for the patient and the concept of becoming a level 1 Patient Centered Medical home.

Kearney Clinic is always striving to have the latest technology.  Recently, we have gone through a major transitional upgrade.  We have implemented an electronic health record system, a completely new and state of the art laboratory system, digital radiology and digital mammography, digital ultrasound, digital spirometer and ECG. These are just a few of the enhancements we have implemented.

We also upgraded our current website to the one you are on now. The new website provides a Patient Portal, more access and information available 24/7/365 for you, the patient.

We hope you find the changes we have implemented enhance your experience at the Kearney Clinic.  We appreciate the understanding you have shown as we go through these upgrades and the changes in the American health care system.

We look forward to providing you the best in health care possible.

Your Kearney Clinic Health Care Team