Fees And Payment


Our charges for services, including office visits and surgery, are based upon the severity of your illness as well as time spent treating you. Kearney Clinic attempts to keep charges at the lowest possible level, while still maintaining quality care. There is a constant effort to control costs, and one major contribution to this cause can be made by the patient; we request and encourage payment for office care when services are provided. If you are unable to pay when services are provided, the credit department can set up a mutually agreed payment arrangement to take care of your medical bill.


A statement will be sent to you monthly. Regardless of your medical insurance coverage, we rely on you for settling your account. You are ultimately responsible for all clinic and hospital fees relating to your care. Your health insurance is an agreement between you and your health insurance carrier. Re-billing is expensive, and is not part of our general planned cost. An additional late charge of 16 percent per annum, beginning after 60 days will be assessed if re-billing is necessary. We do accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express cards for your convenience. You may also arrange with the credit department a payment arrangement through one of the four cards listed above.


We will be happy to assist with credit questions and problems in a private atmosphere. Besides providing needed support, we are also familiar with the various agencies who might offer assistance and are qualified to explain how bank financing may help ease a temporary financial problem. If you have questions concerning your bill, contact Patients Accounts at
(308) 698-1537.